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Belated Happy Halloween! I spent this holiday under a blanket with tea and movies, but how did YOU spend Halloween? 

Now let's delve into this scary climate.

I’ll tell you my r e a l l y  s c a r y story.

Okay, it was in August. Ten o’clock, everyone sleeps.

I couldn’t asleep. And suddenly, I heard a weird sound, as if someone was shaking a bell. What’s the weirdest, the bell rings punctually every ten seconds.

I was so scared, but I decided to check it in the morning.

What turned out in the morning? That the perpetrator was a windmill!


This is an aggressor.

Btw, this month promises to be bad. Teachers have told us SEVEN TESTS, of which we have already written two. Ugh.

Winter is coming and it gets dark so early! I returned home at 3:30 pm yesterday and the sun was setting!

We don’t go to school at Monday, yay!



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